Diginyze: Next-gen Commerce Platform

Full-stack digital transformation (DX) suite for eCommerce businesses

Diginyze is more than just an eCommerce platform! It is a full-stack digital transformation (DX) platform designed to help you take care of all the nitty-gritty of building, growing, and maintaining your eCom business in today’s digital-first era.

As the online business ecosystem becomes increasingly cutthroat and agile, optimization of eCom systems and processes has become a need of the hour. Staying ahead of the curve requires an eCommerce business to adopt new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), data science, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and many more to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences.

Where most e-commerce platforms offer old-school tools to keep your business up and running, Diginyze on the other hand is a full-stack digital transformation suite that lets you do a lot more than just keep the lights on.

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Diginyze DX Modules for eCommerce: Digital Commerce Accelerator

Diginyze is a next-gen digital commerce accelerator designed to help you keep up with evolving and rapidly shifting consumer habits/expectations and behaviors thus, driving you ahead of the pack.

AI and Machine Learning for Automation

Deploy AI-powered bots or virtual assistants to drive personalized user experiences on your e-store. Automate critical eCom operations and workflows such as procurement, payments, and support, and predict inventory needs/trends with Diginyze’ unparalleled machine learning capabilities. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to drive personalized customer engagement/experiences, smart product recommendations and identify buyer personas.


Fully Integrated Digital Commerce Platform

Fully scalable, Diginyze lets you manage your workflow, sales, inventory, and much more while delivering actionable insights into key customer and business data. Diginyze is a coming-of-age DX suite that grows with your business. As your online business grows, it needs integrations, extensions, and various customizations, Diginyze is loaded with all that you need to help you grow your eCom business without the need of duct-taping 3rd party plug-ins or software solutions.


Omnichannel Commerce

Today, customers are accustomed to buying from non-traditional mediums such as social media platforms and are increasingly using various channels to research or buy products/services. This is why there is a surge in the demand for omnichannel eCommerce platforms. Diginyze comes with powerful omnichannel capabilities including data analytics, data management, data protection, legacy app integration, customer experience management, and more. It lets you enjoy an omnichannel presence to deliver seamless experiences across platforms and devices.


More than 70% of eCommerce transactions occurred on mobile devices in 2021 (Source: Statista). Diginyze gives you unmatched M-commerce capabilities to run and manage your eCom business on the run. Manage customers, deploy contactless payment systems, automate ordering platforms, mobile ordering apps, SMS notifications, and much more with Diginyze’ unmatched M-commerce capabilities. From retail mobile apps to warehouse/ inventory management apps, Diginyze lets you deliver ultimate M-commerce experience in today’s mobile-first era.


Business Intelligence

Diginyze is armed with next-gen modules to offer intelligent and actionable customer intelligence in real-time including customer purchase patterns, navigation history, preferences, and much more. Get smart customer journey insights with data-driven heat maps and customer session playback. Diginyze is a comprehensive DX suite for eCommerce businesses to help them achieve brand consistency across all customer touchpoints and leverage advanced customer intelligence and analytics to get a bird’s-eye view of the customer base and insights that matter.


Integrated Performance & Digital Marketing Capabilities

Diginyze provides you with well-integrated digital marketing capabilities for email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, paid ads, ORM, and more. Manage all your online marketing campaigns from a single windowpane. No need to manage 3rd party apps, vendors, and solutions to track and operate your marketing activities. Take the guesswork out of your marketing with Diginyze’ built-in marketing capabilities to help you create and analyze your campaigns. CRM integration lets you create and launch a well-targeted and formulated marketing strategy. Performance-focused digital marketing solutions to not only post ads for your eCom business, but to also interact with your customers and prospects.

Cyber Security

Unlike other commerce platforms and tools, Diginyze makes sure that you receive the most recent security patches and updates for your website/app. Diginyze utilizes powerful two-factor authentication and encryption (SSL) to secure your eCommerce business from hacks and breaches. Deploy web security for secured transactions on your website or app and to keep Ransomware and malware attacks at bay. Further, get comprehensive data monitoring and protection to secure sensitive customer and business data while ensuring full information security compliance.


Big Data

Deliver highly personalized experiences by leveraging big data with Diginyze. Predict purchase patterns and behaviors based on historical consumer activities and offer personalized recommendations. Easily identify valuable customer segments based on acquired customer data including demographics, cart value, spending habits, buying patterns, and more. Unify and connect all data points and processes from front and back office operations. Big data analytics for predictive modeling and achieving actionable intelligence for improved decision-making. Predict trends, forecast demand, track supply chain, logistics, and inventory, and most importantly, drive sales by utilizing big data.

Product Engineering and Development

Grow and nurture your eCommerce business with new enhancements/features, bug fixes, etc. to drive cart checkouts, revenue growth, and overall shopping experience. Support your marketing activities from a well-integrated and modular eCommerce platform. Bring discrete business functions like product personalization, ordering system, inventory management, etc. under the same roof. Run your eCom business on a cutting-edge software framework with built-in business intelligence.


Enterprise App Integration

Seamless CRM integration that offers a unified hub to manage all customer information. Drag-and-drop dashboard and modules to track customer data and segments. Manage orders, payments, inventory, accounts, and much more with robust ERP integration. Streamlined asset and vendor management. Enterprise app integration for POS, marketing, customer service, inventory, and more.