Industry-Ready eCommerce Platform Backed by Years of eCom and Digital Transformation Leadership


Why let Amazon write another retail
success story? Why not you?

Want to be the next Amazon, Uber or Nordstrom? We can help your company steer to the top by helping you exceed customer expectations and provide a seamless mobile and web experience to your customers across diverse industries including BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Tourism, F&B, Hospitality, Fashion, Automotive, and more.

Capture what your customers want across each of your channels with Diginyze

No need to hire developers and tech experts with coding knowledge to build and run your online store. Be it managing flight bookings or hotel reservations, Diginyze lets you to easily manage and customize your e-commerce store/app across multiple channels minus the complications. Connect processes and data from all front and back -office operations for streamlined operations. Working with Diginyze is no rocket science.


Real-Time Customer Intelligence

Deliver uniform service excellence across each customer touch point with the help of real-time customer intelligence and customer journey insights. Receive intelligent analytics into a customer’s purchase preferences, purchase patterns, navigation history and more. Track customer journey using heat maps in real-time and understand a user’s journey across the website.

Be where your customers are with targeted and integrated digital marketing

Well-integrated marketing for email marketing, social media marketing SEO, PPC and more. Reach and engage the right customers with targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Manage all marketing campaigns from a unified hub. No need to manage third-party solutions and apps to track and manage your marketing activities. Take the guesswork out of marketing with Diginyze’ data-driven and performance-focused digital marketing capabilities.


Deliver Ultra-Personalized Experiences to your Customers

Leverage advanced AI technology to engage your consumers with personalized product offers and recommendations. Reach the right audience, at the right time through the right means. Deploy AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants to drive highly personalized experiences. Track insights that matter.


BFSI – Beyond Banking

From electronic billing to ID verification or KYC and mobile payments to digital-only banking, Diginyze can let you digitize your banking operations to the next level with the highest levels of security and enhanced mobile banking experience.


End-to-End Digital Commerce Solution for Educational Institutions

Having a digital commerce strategy is not an option today, but a necessity for educational institutions today. Leverage our cutting-edge digital commerce solution to promote and sell your educational products and services. Turbocharge your digital growth with Diginyze. Personalized e-learning, advanced search, integration with marketplaces, digital asset management, vendor management and more.


Energy & Utilities - Bridging Gap between Utilities & Consumers

Add customer value through personalized communication. Provide a positive consumer experience by automating 90% of customer inquiries. Deploy utility chatbots for 24/7 self-service support. Simplify search within your utility app or website for a seamless user experience. Communicate updates, provide billing info, manage service appointments and more from a unified hub.


Diginyze: Perfect Fit for Governmental Organizations

Designed specifically to meet the diverse compliance needs of government agencies, Diginyze offers critical modules such as eCommerce, ERP integration, multi-currency, catalog management, email & SMS marketing, inventory management, customer support, accounting & tax, document management, payment gateway integration, and more.


Healthcare: Building Connected Health Systems

Drive operational efficiency and deliver improved patient and care experience. Deploy secure digital front doors including web and mobile apps with ease. Serve your patients on the go with telehealth and automate critical hospital operations including appointments, follow-ups, claims, etc. Deploy an AI-powered symptom checker (virtual assistant or chatbot) on your hospital website or app at the click of a button. Automate inventory, patient data management and more. Diginyze can help you build a connected care system.


Manufacturing: Create Incredible Online Experiences

Thanks to our decades of digital transformation and eCommerce experience, selling manufacturing goods is no more a challenging task when you work with Diginyze. From custom quoting to omnichannel pricing and B2B and D2C commerce to bulk buying (wholesale) payment options, run your manufacturing business with the most modern digital commerce platform and tools. Custom shipping solutions, integrated discounts & promotions, finances, catalog product management, and much more from a single platform.


Media & Entertainment: Reimagine Audience Experiences

Keep up with the rapidly changing consumer behavior for your media agency. Track buyer journey insights, asset production & management and optimize marketing operations from a unified platform with Diginyze. Deliver personalized content across multiple digital channels.



Transform to Perform

Launch new channels quickly, improve your merchandising, personalize offers, reduce operational costs and boost revenue across each customer touch point. Diginyze’ state-of-the-art eCommerce modules and capabilities help you unify customer experiences across multiple channels. Track purchase history and receive advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), enable digital payment, business intelligence and data visualization, accounting and finance and more.


Telecom: Move Beyond Connectivity

Enable omnichannel customer experience with Diginyze for your Telecom business. Be it chatbots, virtual assistants or others, Diginyze enables Telecom service providers to deliver seamless omnichannel journey experiences. Drive revenue growth by upselling to existing customers via in-app marketing and enter new markets.


Transportation & Logistics: Future-Proof your Supply Chain

Track real-time analytics pertaining to inventory and supply chain on the go. Maintain 99% order accuracy and meet evolving customer expectations with fast fulfillment speeds. Keep a tab on your supply chain in real-time including cross-border fulfillment. We have the tech and team to help you catapult your transportation and logistics business on the right foot.


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